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Polyacid obtained by oxidation of cyclohexane, which gives flexibility to the resin when used in the synthesis of polyester resin, but weakens its water resistance.(cas no124-04-9) 90% of adipic acid is consumed in industry for the production of nylon by polycondensation with hexamethylenediamine. It is mainly used for the production of nylon 6,6 polymer for fibers and plastics. Nylon has a protein-like structure and can be further processed into fibers for applications in carpets (felts), automobile tire cords and apparel. Adipic acid is used in the production of plasticizer and lubricant components. It is used in the production of polyester polyols for polyurethane systems. Technical grade adipic acid is used to produce plasticizers, to add flexibility and to give flexibility to unsaturated polyesters. It is used in the manufacture of rigid and flexible foams, in the manufacture of wire coaters, elastomers and adhesives, increases the flexibility of alkyd resins, in the manufacture of wet strength resins for the paper chemicals industry and in the manufacture of synthetic lubricants and oils. Adipic acid is used to increase fast settling in food quality gelatins, to provide tartness (it gives a smooth and sharp tartness) and to protect against quality loss. It can also be used in soft drinks, seasonings, flavorings, dairy samples, fats and oils, frozen milk desserts, puddings, broths, meat products and snack (snack) foods. It is used as an acidity regulator in dry powder mixtures. It is used in foods that give long-term sourness. The fruit is used as an acidity regulator in delicious candies. Please request an offer for terms of sale, delivery method and price information.  

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Substances that can act as binders in paints are synthetic or natural resins, such as, polyurethanes, polyesters, vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), silanes, epoxy resins or oils.


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